CIC Customer Centric Real Estate xCCRE

Solution in Brief

xCCRE is a mobile application built above SAP RE Engine using latest Fiori interface technologies. This allows xCCRE to be accessible Anywhere, Anytime, on Any device (laptops, tablets and smart phones).

Solution Scope

xCCRE Customer Service covers customer requests e.g. Primary/Final Delivery, Unit upgrades, Ownership transfers, Complains, …etc via workflow, notifications and approval.

The application includes advanced features like automatic NPV calculation and different payment methods e.g. bank transfers including re-scheduling.

The application comes with in-app analytical/statistical reporting using latest Fiori capabilities. xCCRE integrates natively with other SAP ERP modules FI, PS, HR and google maps.

Solution Features

  • Unit location from Google earth in the search request screen
  • Unit demo and videos appear in the search request screen when searching for unit
  • Unit images and unit fact sheet in the searching for unit screen in search request
  • Validation in minutes for the minimum reservation amount to be paid unless the unit is automatically unlocked and the offer is rejected
  • Validation with number of days for the total down payment to be paid unless the unit is automatically unlocked and the offer is rejected
  • Set the minimum reservation amount for the units to be reserved
  • First payment on the offer must be the predefined minimum reservation amount for all units
  • Offer cannot be converted to contract unless the full down payment is received
  • Create sales plan with interest, discount and related rounding
  • Assign the Sales plan to project, Role and unit category
  • Approval cycle for the offers and contracts
  • Update the unit price based on the units pricing characteristics
  • Validation for the available parking to be sold
  • Validation if the customer changed in the offer before transfer the offer to contract
  • Validation in each payment if the customer changed in the offer
  • Customer service requests and the approval cycle
  • Assign the user and his branch and outdoor in each search request, offer and contract
  • In termination process temporary block the new unit for (x) days
  • In transfer Of Rental Object process, the same area will be calculated based on the old contract price and the rest of area will be calculated with the new price.
  • Search by Expected Delivery Date and by budget (price per square meter × measurement) in search for unit.