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The growth of SAP's market share in the region has created a need for trained, certified consultants. We are leading the way in building a local talent pool through training courses leading to certification in mySAP solutions. Designed around SAP certification tests, and taught by experienced SAP consultants, these courses are geared towards experienced, qualified IT professionals looking for career growth, specifically in SAP.

Given the global demand for certified SAP consultants, successful candidates are able to work internationally, confident that they have world-class ERP knowledge and skills. In addition, trainees showing above-average motivation and competency may have the opportunity to become permanent CIC consultants.

Click on the links below to view details of each training course. Use the link at the bottom of this page to download an application form.

Changes in your business have resulted in a need for additional functionality, or improved usability;

Integration capabilities have improved, and you would like to benefit from them;

An upgrade could reduce your total cost of ownership.

Upgrading any system usually entails a disruption, however temporary, or an adjustment, of an organization's normal technical and business processes. Using SAP's Upgrade Roadmap means clients save up to 20% over the normal upgrade cost basis, and benefit from a simple methodology. This minimizes downtime and ensures that your upgrades are integrated successfully.

CIC assists its clients in upgrading their SAP system by making the process as painless and disruption-free as possible. Our team is specifically trained in process-level change implementation and solution customizations, to deliver smooth and seamless upgrades.


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