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Sharepoint Portal

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 gives enterprises high-value portal capabilities, integrated with all their other Microsoft applications. CIC builds portals in MS SharePoint for clients who need simple but effective ways of sharing and managing information, making it easily accessible.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is an out-of-the-box product, and can be deployed instantly without development. CIC adds value to your SharePoint Portal project with our depth of client and industry experience. By planning the project with you, and advising you on how you can gain optimal benefits, we save you time and ownership costs later. In addition, our development team can customize and fine-tune the product so that your IT people can take over administration without further development.

CIC's Sharepoint Portal services include:

Creating a full view of the organization

We configure Web Parts so that you can view consolidated information from defined sources.

Making relevant information accessible

We work with you to identify the information you most need, and how it can be organised so that you can process it quickly. We can also configure alerts for you from these sources.

Sharing knowledge across the organization

We help you to define the knowledge that will make a critical difference, and the best ways of making it accessible.

Utilizing your organization's intellectual capital

SharePoint Portal Server 2003's search technology enables you to locate files, project plans, and best practices in file shares, Web sites, Microsoft Exchange Public Folders, Lotus Notes, Windows SharePoint Services sites, and databases.

Provisioning SharePoint sites

You can publish information to groups using SharePoint. We customize it for you, simplifying the process so you benefit more.

Creating self-service portals

We show you how to deploy SharePoint portals as extranets for order placement and tracking.

Reduced development time and cost

Our consulting services simply help you integrate your business processes, and connect everyone in your organisation together, optimizing information flow and storage.


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