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SAP is the world leader in packaged-business ERP solutions. SAP solutions suits organizations of all sizes.

They bring measurable improvements to customer relationships, partner collaboration and generate tangible medium-term ROI improvements wherever they are applied.

As a SAP owner, you benefit from a partnership with the world's most powerful ERP solutions provider.


SAP Solutions support and streamline global Enterprise Operations, medium size companies, and smaller, niche-market firms. Wherever they are applied, SAP Users find Measurable Process Improvements, Efficiencies and Rapid Enhancement of critical business competencies.

Portals consolidate, amalgamate and distribute information across and beyond organizations.

A portal provides an interface for people to access and exchange information online. It is usually customizable and can be designed to provide employees, customers or trading partners with the information that they need, when they need it.




Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MESs ) are Automated Systems for Controlling Processes, Materials, Manpower and all the Other inputs Required in a Manufacturing unit. A well-designed and Implemented MES makes an Enterprise more responsive to market demand, inventory levels and variables such as prices. With the right MES you have timely, accurate, and consistent plant information, linked to your ERP system.




iSPIR is an innovative solution, developed by CIC to address the needs of our clients for tracking spare part availability & Interchangeability.


This need arose from the Size of Parts Catalogues, the Variety of Equipment used in Installations, and the Increased Challenges of Parts Tracking, Ordering, Procurement and use at Major oil and gas Companies. It has set Local Industry Standards among CIC's Clients, and builds on CIC's Outstanding Track Record for Innovation and Development.


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