Public Sector Solution Value Map
The Citizen-Centric Enterprise:

How can governments meet the rising demand for services, budgetary restraint, and accountability? Innovative technologies can help agencies improve their stewardship of public funds and develop forward-thinking, citizen-centric policies.

The potential benefits?

  • Balanced budgets
  • Safer communities
  • Improved community services
  • Dynamic interaction with citizens
  • Unmatched social services
  • Optimal public services


    Sustainable Government Funding
    Delivering on Citizen Needs
    Best-Run Cities
    Public Security
    Tax and Revenue Management
    Social Benefit Decision Making
    Energy and Environmental Resource Management
    Investigation Management
    Social Contribution Collection
    Benefit Payment Services
    Sustainability Reporting
    Emergency and Disaster Management
    Fraud, Waste and Abuse
    Multichannel Citizen Service
    Real-Time Situational Awareness
    Cyber Resilience
    Grants Management for Grantor
    City Performance Management
    People and Talent
    Core Human Resources and Payroll
    Talent Management
    Time and Attendance Management
    Workforce Planning and Analytics
    Budget and Finance
    Public Sector Budget Planning
    Public Sector Financials
    Treasury and Financial Risk Mitigation
    Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management
    Real Estate Lifecycle Management
    Supplier Discovery and Lifecycle Management
    Strategic Sourcing and Contracting
    Procurement and Order Collaboration
    Collaborative Invoice to Pay
    Regulated and Complex Procurement
    IT Management
    Application Lifecycle Management
    IT Infrastructure Management
    IT Portfolio and Project Management
    IT Service Management
    IT Strategy and Governance
    Technology Solutions
    Data Management
    Application Development and Integration
    Enterprise Mobility
    Consumer Experience
    SAP HANA Platform

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