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SAP Portals

CIC uses mySAP Enterprise Portal to build portals where users can quickly access data, analyze it, and share it with partners and suppliers along the value chain.


CIC's mySAP Enterprise Portal services include:

Fast and simple integration

With SAP solutions, third-party applications, legacy systems, databases

Rapid implementation using SAP's Business Packages

SAP's Business Packages are preconfigured collections of portal content; we customize them for your enterprise needs at all levels.


Through our experience, we help clients identify which data sources individual users and user groups will need to access, so unification is as simple as possible.

Business intelligence

Using SAP's Drag & Relate technology, our SAP portals enable users to carry out rapid analytics; this allows you to leverage your investments in other SAP solutions, lowering total cost of ownership.

Knowledge management

You can capture and collate unstructured content, converting it to corporate knowledge. This functionality does not require sacrificing simplicity and ease of use.


Content is fed to users according to roles. We structure these roles according to your organizational hierarchy, job descriptions and critical functions.

Content management

Using this feature, we supply tools for you to author, classify, structure and deliver content


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