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The Run SAP methodology helps companies achieve high availability and continuity of their software solutions, superior and consistent solution operations, the flexibility to implement changes securely and predictably, and reduced total cost of ownership.
A phased methodology based on world-class knowledge, it provides best-practice procedures, content, services, training, and tools for end-to-end solution operations along with a standardized and proven implementation method.


  • Why you need a Methodology for an end-To-end Solution Operations?

The complexity of solutions that you implement requires a comprehensive solution management concept. Business processes extend not only across different systems and components inside the same organization but also across different organizations. For this reason, integration of business processes as well as of software and system components becomes more relevant in the implementation of the new solutions.

In the support of today’s solutions, many organizations play an important role: functional implementation partners, hardware partners, third-party software providers, outsourcing partners,
and so on. In many cases, the team in charge of the implementation is not the same as the team responsible for the operations and support of the solution.

You need not only to successfully implement SAP® solutions but also to manage the operation of the business processes after going live with the software. Therefore, you need the SAP standards for solution operations to run SAP solutions, as well as the methodology for the implementation of those solutions.

  • SAP Standards For Solution Operations

Companies expect high availability and continuity of their solutions, flexibility to quickly implement changes, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, they need to be able to manage out tasking and outsourcing relationships across different time and geographical zones as well as control and monitor service-level agreements. To achieve this, IT governance is key. Companies need an IT strategy that focuses on the management of complexity, risks, and costs as well as skills and resources.

Standardized procedures that leverage the experience of the organization and the software supplier are a key prerequisite for the optimization of application management.

With the SAP standards for solution operations, you gain defined standards for important operations processes within a company’s business and IT units. These key standards and practices address the needs of business process experts – the stakeholders responsible for the design and execution of business processes – and of IT departments charged with ensuring that the services provided by the SAP solutions are available for business users.

Each standard contains best-practice procedures on how to run the individual tasks, explanations on which tools from SAP Solution Manager should be used, and available training and services that support the adoption of the standard

  • Road Map To Implement End-To-End Solution Operations

The implementation of operations is a project that runs in parallel with the functional and technical implementation projects. In some cases, the implementation of operations is conducted by an organization different from the one conducting
the functional implementation project; for example, the implementation of operations may be conducted by outsourcing companies or another department of your company.

In the implementation of operations, several parties may be involved: the company, system integrators, the support organization, outsourcing partners, and hardware partners. For this reason, you need to coordinate all the activities to implement the operations as a project or several projects.

The road map for Run SAP guides you through defining the scope of the operations to be implemented, preparing a detailed plan, doing the setup, and running your SAP solution. Moreover, it helps you find the right strategy and tools to implement your end-to-end solution operations.

The road map provides not only what needs to be implemented but also information about how it needs to be implemented, in the form of implementation methodology documents and best-practices documents. The implementation methodology documents describe how support is implemented across the life cycle.

The best-practices documents describe in more detail how to implement the end-to-end solution operations for different SAP solutions. The best practices described are based on the experiences of thousands of companies. The road map is available as part of Run SAP in SAP Solution Manager as well as in the SAP Service Marketplace extranet.

Run SAP provides detailed assistance through every phase, includes:
• Assessment and scoping
• Design of operations
• Setup of operations

• Handover into production

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