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CIC has successfully achieved the Run SAP Certification to be the first SAP Partner in Egypt and Middle East to achieve this certification.

The Run SAP methodology enables you to set up operations for your SAP® applications in a highly efficient manner and optimize operations, processes, and technical infrastructure across the entire life cycle. The quality and flexibility of the best practices, process design recommendations, operating standards, and services incorporated in the methodology are based on global support know-how and experience gained from thousands of installations for SAP customers. This framework of standardized and uniform procedures enables you to manage your SAP applications more efficiently and can provide a sustainable reduction of operating costs while providing a high degree of process reliability.


The Run SAP methodology is part of SAP Enterprise Support services, which include standards, tools, guides, and process descriptions that enable efficient end-to-end solution operations.
Both provide valuable assets and tools for implementing and launching new solutions, integrating SAP enhancement packages, and introducing technologies and concepts such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0.

How You Can Benefit: Lasting Improvements in Efficiency and Outstanding Process Reliability

By streamlining operations and focusing on a systematic approach, the Run SAP methodology provides a sustainable reduction of operating costs and a high degree of process reliability:

Standards that can be flexibly adjusted to meet a wide range of requirements save time, personnel, and costs.

Uniform methods and tools reduce complexity, eliminate unnecessary cost drivers, and provide greater process reliability.

When downtimes are minimized, employees have greater availability of software-supported business processes.

Quality management and the establishment of a Customer Center of Expertise organization support optimized execution of the recommended operational processes.

Goal-oriented know-how transfer helps ensure that your employees have knowledge that is tailored precisely to your actual needs and innovation projects.


Run SAP Methodology Helps Reduce the Costs and Risks Involved in Operating End-to-End Solutions

With the Run SAP methodology, you benefit from a range of methods, tools, accelerators, and processes that help you to:

Apply a continuous application management strategy throughout the entire life cycle of your SAP applications.

Reduce the costs and minimize risk in operating end-to-end SAP solutions.

Gain transparent, high-availability business processes.

Develop a more systematic approach to upgrades, patches, extensions, and optimizations.

Implement SAP enhancement packages without downtime.

Simplify conversions to SOA.

Deal effectively with complexity, technologies, and compliance requirements.

Develop and deploy resources in a targeted manner.

Plan changes systematically and avoid production downtime.



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