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SAP NetWeaver is a middleware solution, integrating people, information, processes and applications. It is the technical base of mySAP Business Suite solutions, and custom-built applications. SAP NetWeaver enables Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP's blueprint for service-oriented business solutions.

A comprehensive integration and application platform, SAP NetWeaver works with your existing IT infrastructure to enable and manage change. With SAP NetWeaver, you can flexibly and rapidly design, build, implement, and execute new business strategies and processes. The platform enables you to drive innovation throughout your organization by recomposing existing systems while maintaining a sustainable cost structure. You can also add innovative, industry-specific business processes with reduced risk to existing systems and a strong return on investment.

SAP NetWeaver unifies integration technologies into a single platform and is preintegrated with business applications, reducing the need for custom integration. The platform is based on industry standards and can be extended with commonly used development tools such as Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE); Microsoft .NET; and IBM WebSphere.


NetWeaver's capabilities

Integrating people

SAP Enterprise Portal, providing a complete portal infrastructure, delivering unified, personalised role-based user access; SAP Mobile infrastructure, giving you multi-channel access;

Integrating information

 Business Intelligence - integrating, analyzing, and disseminating relevant information to support multiple level decision-making;

Master Data Management - sharing harmonized master data and ensuring cross-system data consistency;

Integrating processes

SAP Exchange Infrastructure, delivering Integration Broker, enabling XML/SOAP-based communication between application components from different sources and vendors;

Integrating applications

SAP NetWeaver's application platform is the SAP Web Application Server. This gives you an infrastructure to develop, deploy and run platform-independent Web Services and business applications.


CIC's NetWeaver solutions

Building interfaces to link with non-SAP tools and technologies using SAP Composite Application Framework

Creating Enterprise Service Architectures with SAP ERP solutions, for more flexible cross-enterprise applications

Integrating and leveraging automated communication and sensing devices with Auto-ID Infrastructure

Integrating SAP solutions, legacy systems, third-party solutions, content and web applications with SAP Enterprise Portal

Managing content and creating central repositories using SAP Master Data Management

Supporting platform-independent Web services and business applications with SAP Web Application Server


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