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What is an MES?

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MESs) are automated systems for controlling processes, materials, manpower and all the other inputs required in a manufacturing unit. A well-designed and implemented MES makes an enterprise more responsive to market demand, inventory levels and variables such as prices. With the right MES you have timely, accurate, and consistent plant information, linked to your ERP system.

An MES that correctly integrates ERP information and is customized to your plant should bring the following improvements:

Reduced manufacturing cycle times

Closer real-time inventory, turnover and cost tracking

Higher quality levels and fewer defects

Faster turn-around-times (TATs)

More effective management decision making

Where does an MES fit in your enterprise?

An MES fits between your real time information management systems (RTIMS) and your ERP system. It takes information such as pressure and temperature values from your plant control systems, and integrates them with ERP functions such as inventory levels, prices, cost controls, purchase and sales orders. This combination can then automate decisions about production quantities, warehouse stock levels and product costs.

Critical factors in successful MES implementation

To build and use an MES effectively, the following critical elements must be in place:

Users users must be trained to use the tools, and understand why they are important; familiarity with plant processes, industry standards and enterprise requirements is essential;

Accurate business modeling the MES must be based on carefully diagnosed and analyzed business processes. If not, important parameters may be inaccurate, leading to poor decisions and serious enterprise failure up and downstream of the plant;

Integration if the MES does not integrate the PADR, LIMS and other applications, it will be useless. Integration involves lab instruments, process control systems and applications, as well as bar coding and ready-made applications.

CIC is a regional leader in MES design and implementation, based on our consultants' experience with local majors such as ADNOC, TAKREER and Borouge.

Typical features of CIC's MES projects include:

Supply chain management (SCM) using market-leading tools from Aspentech such as MIMI and PIMS;

Quality management (QM) and lab information management systems (LIMS) such as Sample Manager from Thermo Lab Systems;

Production accounting and data reconciliation tools such as Aspentech's Advisor;

Tools for inspection management such as Pacer and Credo from Credo Soft;

CIC's own product, Incident Tracking System (ITS);

In addition to ready-made packages like these we also build custom applications for other MES areas such as:

Recipe management (BOM);

Operation orders;

Cost allocation;

Asset tracking.

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