What is iSPIR?

iSPIR is an innovative solution, developed by CIC to address the needs of our clients for tracking spare part availability and interchangeability. iSPIR is an internet-based application for online creation and submission of spare part interchangeability records (SPIR).The need for it arose from the size of parts catalogues, the variety of equipment used, and the increased challenges of tracking, ordering, procurement and parts use at major oil and gas companies. It has set local industry standards among CIC's clients, and builds on CIC's outstanding track record for innovation and development.


How do owners benefit?

iSPIR provides real-time collaboration between vendors, contractors and the enterprise for maintaining spare part records. This enables the enterprise to reduce the time spent on administering these records. The result is dramatic improvements in managing demand for replacements, and the costs of running spare parts inventories.

iSPIR's capability extends beyond enterprise boundaries, linking suppliers and shippers. This makes response times minimal, compared to the replacement and transport backlogs that used to occur.


Key features of iSPIR

Integration and interoperability -- tight integration with SAP Requisite Catalogue, mySAP 3.0 and SAP R/3 Materials Management, so SAP owners have seamless control over materials at all stages in the supply chain; integration with Shell E-SPIR 2000;

A centralised database of all equipment and spares, plus their vendors, so the enterprise has all the information it needs in one place;

Automatic capture of business partner actions and transactions. As a result, plant and maintenance managers know the exact status of a purchase or delivery;

Comprehensive management reports, as well as printable online reports for all parties at any time;

Controlled, role-based authorization that assures transaction security;

Aggregation and organisation of information through user-defined fields, custom templates for specific products, grouped into common templates by hierarchies;

Easy content maintenance with user-defined workflow.

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