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SAP Industry Solutions


SAP's industry solutions are geared to specific sectors oil and gas, retail and construction, for example. These solutions are based on business models, organizational structures and information needs identified in SAP's thousands of global clients.

CIC supports six industry sectors:

Oil and Gas


Engineering, Construction and Operations


mySAP Automotive


Each solution is based on critical processes, resources and competencies for operators in the different sectors. CIC brings to these solutions considerable added value through its extensive, in-depth client understanding and experience. Supporting major regional sector companies such as ADGAS and TAKREER, CIC's team of dedicated industry specialists delivers services in areas as diverse as operations, HR, finance and logistics in each sector.

In each case, these services depend for their success on the team's ability to translate SAP capabilities into easily operable, user-friendly IT tools and technologies, fitting the clients' process-based requirements. Click here to read about projects in these sectors.

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