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Each company has unique requirements for information, relationships, functional arrangements and integration. These need to be analyzed before an SAP enterprise solution can be identified, recommended and properly implemented. In addition, you need to be sure that SAP has a suitable answer to your business challenges, and that it is practical and realistic for your situation.CIC's team of consultants has extensive experience in analyzing the business processes of various industries, and is well-versed in SAP's family of tools and technologies.

This highly-qualified team is able to assist you in answering such questions as:

What is SAP, and is my organization big enough to benefit?

What kind of measurable ROI and total cost of ownership savings would SAP deliver?

How can I transition to SAP (or scale up) with least risk?

What will be the impact of an SAP roll-out on my existing landscape and infrastructure, and IT capital and operating costs?


Our SAP feasibility studies focus on these main areas:

Business study

Assessing your business processes and helping you align them with current best practices;

Identifying your long-term business goals;

Finding areas for quick gains through the enhanced functionality that SAP provides;

Recommending the appropriate set of SAP applications to help your organization attain these goals.


Scope and strategy definition

Proposing suitable strategies for implementing an SAP project based on your company's current and long-term business objectives.

Presenting you possible project phases or implementation scenarios.

Together, determining the scope, cost, and timeline for the entire implementation.


Risk and Benefit Analysis

Identifying the potential benefits and cost savings achievable with an SAP solution.

Sorting out possible risks early on in the project implementation phase, such as disruption to transactions and reporting, system downtime, management buy-in and user learning curves.

Recommending workarounds to prevent or minimize the impact of these risks on your organization.


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