Solution in Brief

Mobile Warehouse Management is a Mobile integration to SAP system that enables warehouse users to carry out SAP update transactions remotely off a terminal, and to record material movements as they are carried out. The Solution is designed to improve inventory accuracy by providing real-time reports on inventory movements, Reduce FTEs per warehouse by improving workforce productivity, and to Increase number of orders shipped on time by automating and integrating warehouse and distribution processes. Also the solution offers ease of mobilization for utilities enterprises, service enterprises and O&G companies to confirm used material against a work order so as to reduce paper use and increase productivity.

Solution Scope

CIC Warehouse management is an SMP based solution built to handle most of warehouse and inventory operations where helps the employee to execute his work with more speed and efficiency, the solution is designed to support inventory and warehousing processes, like goods receipt, Goods issue and all warehousing operations picking, putaway, replenishment and physical inventory.

our solution allows smooth integration with SAP ERP system.

Solution Features

The solution contains many business processes divided to main three categories:

  • Goods receipt
    • Inbound delivery goods receipt: Goods receipt reference to inbound delivery -101
    • Outbound delivery goods receipt: Goods receipt reference to outbound delivery-101
    • Purchase order goods receipt: Goods receipt reference to purchase order-101
    • W/R goods receipt: Goods receipt without reference -501
  • Goods issue
    • Goods issue against customer sales order outbound delivery – 601
    • Goods issue against STO outbound delivery – 601
    • Goods issue for cost centre -201
  • Transfer posting
    • Transfer from plant to plant – 301
    • Transfer from material to material -309
    • Transfer from location to location within plant -311
    • Remove from location – 313
    • Place into location -315
    • Transfer from location to location -411
  • Warehouse
    • Warehouse Physical Inventory
    • Create physical inventory document – LI01N
    • Count physical inventory document –LI11N
    • Create Transfer Order
    • Create picking order – LT03
    • Create put away order – LT0f
    • Confirm Transfer Order
    • Confirm Picking – LT12
    • Confirm Put away –LT12

Solution Value

The value of mobility in the warehouse functions is easily recognized through:

  • User role centric
  • Customizable interface
  • Build Own favourite
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by managing physical inventory in real time
  • Decrease the number of staff required for cycle counting.
  • Access accurate and timely information about what you received, when you received it
  • Assist staff to quickly and accurately scan pallets,
  • Reduction off extra time cost
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Reducing documents and enabling automated control.