Stratgic Business Unit

Announcment :

It is a continuous target of CIC to expand and benefit all Middle East customers irrespective of the size of their businesses; and as an aim to re-achieving the success CIC did in Public Sector accounts in its earlier projects, CIC established a new business unit that purely focus on all possible strategic accounts across Middle East.


What is SBU ?
A Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is an independent organizational unit, small enough to be flexible and large enough to exercise control over most of the factors affecting its long-term performance. Because Strategic Business Unit is more agile (and usually have independent missions and objectives) , it allows the owning conglomerate to respond quickly to changing economic or market situations. 

SBU Market & Purpose:
Our SBU is going to target the mega projects in MENA region especially public sector and governmental projects whether independently or in cooperation with SAP MENA.  
About SAP Public Sector Solution and Components: The SAP for Public Sector is set of solutions is tailored to meet the standards, processes, and operational requirements of the federal government. Built on functional best practices and insights from over
40 years of experience working with public sector organizations, SAP for Public Sector helps federal agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the performance of your missions. It's Provide the best possible services, security, and infrastructure for your citizens and make the most of your resources with our software for the public sector. Designed for all levels of government, our applications can help you fulfill your mandates and improve livability and quality of life for
all citizens.
Public Sector Solution Value Map

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