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The solution is designed to support selling and distributing goods directly to customer. Planning and managing customer delivery tours, with the drivers responsible for Presales, Sales, and Delivery or Mixed deliveries to customers. Direct store delivery process, including visit planning, visit control, tours and final settlement

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Full implementation and configuration of the required platform components (Sybase Unwired Platform, NetWeaver Gateway)
Full functional implementation for Sales and Distribution and Direct Store Delivery

  • Enter odometer reading after each sales visit
  • Change downloaded tour data like planned driver or tour times
  • Deliver pre-sold order
  • Sell and deliver without pre-sold order, that is sell directly from truck
  • Take order for future deliveries
  • Cash Invoice with credit limit check
  • Credit Invoice with credit limit check
  • Return Invoice
  • Collect cash payments
  • Take return order for future pickup
  • Create unplanned visits for a customer in a tour or any other downloaded customer

Prerequisites in terms of the SAP Software component required

Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.2 - SAP Business Suite with ECC 4.7+ - SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0 SP3

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MENA Region

+20 1005006003

+966 543333822

+971 507212810

Reference able customers / proof points

Implemented, up and running in 2 customer sites in KSA, those are Abuljadayel Beverage Company and El Dawaa Pharmacies

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