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Mobile Warehouse Management is a Mobile integration to SAP system that enables warehouse users to carry out SAP update transactions remotely off a terminal, and to record material movements as they are carried out.
The Solution is designed to improve inventory accuracy by providing real-time reports on inventory movements, Reduce FTEs per warehouse by improving workforce productivity

And to Increase number of orders shipped on time by automating and integrating warehouse and distribution processes

Scope of the solution


Features & Functions


Full implementation and configuration of the required platform components (Sybase Unwired Platform, NetWeaver Gateway)

Full functional implementation for Mobile Inventory & Warehouse Management


  • Goods Receipt against External Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt against Inbound Delivery (External PO)
  • Goods Receipt against Outbound Delivery (External PO)
  • Good Receipt without Reference (501)
  • Goods Issue against Cost Center
  • Stock Transfer from Location to Location
  • Goods Issue Against Outbound Delivery (Sales Order)
  • Goods Issue against Outbound Delivery (Stock Transport Order)
  • Confirmation of transfer orders related to picking processes
  • Confirmation of transfer orders related to Put-away processes
  • Confirmation of transfer orders related to Replenishment.
  • Creating Bin to Bin Transfer Orders

Prerequisites in terms of the SAP Software component required

Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1.2 - SAP Business Suite with ECC 4.7+ - SAP Netweaver Gateway 2.0 SP3

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MENA Region

+20 1005006003

+966 543333822

+971 507212810

Reference able customers / proof points

Implemented, up and running in 2 customer sites in KSA, those are Abuljadayel Beverage Company and El Dawaa Pharmacies

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